Repair and Maintenance programme for 2016 completed by 100%

17.02.2017 10:00:00

PJSC “Mobile energy” announced its operating results for 2016. Total electricity generation by company’s power plants in 2016 amounted to 247.81 million kWh, electricity output totaled 244.53 million kWh. Additionally company reported that it fully completed planned repair and maintenance programme.

As part of this programme, two turbine-generator sets and two gas reciprocating engines were renovated on power plants in Kazym and Urengoy. Company’s business unit in Labytnangy refurbished 8 km of electric power transmission lines and two electrical substations. As the result PJSC “Mobile energy” spent 55 million rubles on maintenance, additionally 59 million rubles were invested in the equipment upgrade.

"Maintaining the reliability and efficiency of our power stations in the Urals Federal District, it is the top priority of the company. In 2017, we plan to secure the previous scope of work and funding required for the stable operation of our power facilities", - noted Yuri Mirchevskiy, CEO of PJSC “Mobile energy”