“Mobile energy” upgraded control system of wind turbines installed on Sakhalin Island

13.12.2016 11:04:00

Engineers from PJSC "Mobile Energy" have modernized the automated control system of wind-diesel complex installed in the village of Novikovo (Sakhalin region). Facility’s hardware and software were updated after the analysis of operational and environmental data collected during the test operation of wind turbines. Enhancements should significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of the energy complex of the village isolated from the power grid.

"Wind-diesel complex in Novikovo is our first power plant dispatched by the proprietory automated control system. It was our company R&D project. We have analyzed the date and the output over the year to develop the solution for the number of cases we were not quite satisfied with: less-than-prompt response to environmental shifts, the deviation from the set operating parameters. As a result, we have improved the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines and diesel generators in the Novikovo village. In addition, we are now closer to the creation of a product that can be applied to other isolated wind-diesel or solar-diesel facilities", - said Yuri Mirchevsky, CEO of PJSC "Mobile energy".

Wind energy complex in the Novikovo village was built in January 2015. It consists of two wind turbines of 225 kW each. The automated control system is used synchronize the operation of the diesel station and wind turbines. Renewable energy allows Novikovo community to save 227 tons of diesel fuel annually.