Far Eastern WDPP projects

JCS Mobile Energy is planning to realize projects with a general total capacity of 17 000 Kw in Far East Federal District in 2014-2016. The ex tent of investment is 2.6 billion rubles.

Main characteristics of project and effects of its realization:

Number of wind-diesel power plants 9
Joint total capacity of wind power mills 17 000 кВт
Diesel fuel savings per year 10 500 tons
Payback period 9,5 лет

This project will be realized according to the agreement of joint cooperation between the government and JCS Mobile Energy of East on WDPP development within Kamchatka Krai.

The realization of the wind power mill building projects in Far East of Russia is carried out according to the WDPP development program of JCS Mobile Energy of East. In general JCS Mobile Energy of East is planning to implement a 60 megawatt WDPP by 2016, and to increase this number to 120 megawatt by 2020.

Environmental impact of project’s realization

Reduction of CO2 emissions 38 000 t
Reduction of CO emissions 90 t
Reduction of SO2 emissions 250 t
Reduction of dust emissions 20 t